You will never stop

hearing about Star Wars

TILL YOU DIE. Even if life extension becomes real and you’re nine years old reading this right now and you live to be 250, there will still be some asshole in a Darth Vader helmet saying, “I am your father” because by that time it’s been said so many times it’s ironic to say it which makes it funny again!


Star Wars is a cultural CANCER

We are not dedicated to stoping Star Wars. Disney has purchased the rights and announced a new Star Wars movie will come out every year for all time. You read that right. Every year, for the rest of your life, there will be a new Star Wars movie. "Why? How?" you ask? Do you think they'll stop after Star Wars 7, 8 and 9? No, of course there must be a 10TH Star Wars! OMG!!! Also each character in the Star Wars universe will get their own origin movie. Then, guess what? They'll remake them all over again!

Say it loud,

Say it proud,